onetuff Bahrain

Established in 2011, OneTuff is a subsidiary of Montreal Motors which deals with Window Tinting, Rust Proofing and customized car accessories to enhance a customer’s experience and customizing the car to ultimately making it a dream car.

This division of Montreal Motors plays an important role in supporting sales of Montreal Motors through customizing the vehicles with fast-moving accessories not offered by the OEM (e.g. Window Tints, Rust Protection, Entertainment System, GPS & Body Kit etc.)

Our Services

Window Tinting

Window tinting is one major requirement of any car for additional privacy and sun light protection. Hence we take care of our customers with our own window tinting workshops.

Rust proofing

Rust is one of the great enemies of any car. It can damage the car slowly and you won’t even notice that. But do not worry we do care for you. We also have the best rust proofing methods in the whole of Bahrain that can keep your cars safe and free from worries.


OneTuff offers a wide selection of interior as well as exterior auto accessories to choose from including but not limited to park assist, GPS Navigation, Entertainment Systems, Fancy and OE body stripes etc.

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