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Montreal Informatics

With its new innovative venture into the field of Information and Technology, Montreal Motors have stepped into the next giant leap. Yes, Montreal Informatics is a new division of Montreal Motors that probes the software and IT field. Montreal informatics has two great ventures into the IT market. Our team of high skilled software and systems professionals working dedicated to mold the systems to suit your needs perfect wherever you are.


KERRY Virtual Online System resolves the following Automobile business needs Vehicle purchase and inventory management module, Car booking and Operation module , Car delivery and pending delivery module Vehicle service and spare parts module , Generate car sales report based on daily, weekly and monthly Maintain the stock based on FIFO and vehicle ageing calculator.

The system consists of hardware and software that uses a proven method of high speed data delivery that is internet-based and substantially faster than any product available.

The system is fully portable and can be used anywhere in the world. It can be run on any Laptop or Desktop which has the Operating System with windows XP or Higher.

As a updating we are working on the mobile platforms too, which makes the interaction more live and increases the usage when the clients are on move.

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One of the best ways in which you can avoid risks at a personal level is through the use of video surveillance and interactive video surveillance give you the power to see, respond, intervene and mitigate risks, if and when they arise.

Real time monitoring: Traditionally, large companies have always enjoyed the benefits of video surveillance manned by security experts. In the past , the events captured on video were used to uncover important information and act as evidence after the event had occurred. But, newer technologies allow users to monitor and respond to alarms in real time.

Remote access: One of the biggest benefits of modern video surveillance programs in the fact that can be accessed from a number of remote locations through various devices like a PC, PDA or even the cell phone. So no matter where you are , you get the messages.

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