Kerry System

“Kerry” – Virtual Online System, as it is called is the result of our innovation. This is an online software system centered on the Automobile (Cars) sales and service. The system works on 4S Modular system that contains four indigenously developed software modules all integrated in single software.

Sales Module – This Module primarily takes care of all the Cars that come into the garage, Bookings done, Cars delivered to the customers, Registration etc.

Stock Module – Takes authority of all the Stock inventory of the Cars with Model number and Parts attached

Service Module – After sales services, Take in Services, Priority of the service queue etc. will be administered by this module

Spares Module – Additional spare parts, Accessories sales, etc. will be dealt by this module

Reports – The reports can be generated for all the above mentioned modules in a structured format.

Implementations 2013

This year we have implemented Kerry in our own working environment with our own Dell Power Edge Servers. There has been a considerably fantabulous result in working with Kerry environment.

Business Plans on Kerry

The Kerry system is planned to be rolled out to the clients who are in need of an advanced Automobile Sales System.

Targeted Clients

The Kerry Online Virtual System is targeted for Authorized Automobile Dealers, Automobile Sub-dealers, Automobile Retailers and Car Rental Service providers.